Wilo Energy Saving Pumps

Wilo Energy Saving Pumps

Wilo Energy Saving Pumps

The story, Wilo Energy Saving Pumps

Location: Andrews AFB.

Problem: Main heating system boiler pump’s
5 HP base mounted pump failed, back-up pump seal issue.

Installed a Wilo Dual Head, new system pump, automatic lead-lag operation, and backup with 28 point data logging and Energy usage hours and  365 day kWh usage.

Replacement net cost savings $ 4150.00. Plus estimated 10 man-hours reduction.

More Floor Space

Reduced Energy Usage

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Globally, replacing obsolete technology with the latest generation of Wilo pumps could save up to 246 Terawatt hours – the equivalent of 80 carbon power stations. Wilo is committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable and energy-efficient products, including the world’s first ‘smart pump’, the Wilo-Stratos MAXO.

Pumps are responsible for around 10% of global energy consumption. This is a considerable amount, but at the same time it poses a great opportunity. After all, this is precisely where it is worth starting in order to reduce the operating costs for public, commercial and industrial buildings and systems. More than two-thirds of operators are currently still using pumps which consume more energy than is necessary in the building services sector alone. Proactive change has advantages for all sides. You save energy and costs, improve the sustainability balance of your buildings and installations, and bring your technology up to date at the same time. This significantly reduces the risk of equipment failure and further reduces maintenance costs. With Wilo-Energy Solutions, we point out possible energy savings and take responsibility for future generations and the fight against climate change. Wilo-Energy Solutions involves Wilo high-efficiency technology to proactively replace pumps and pump systems which are still functioning but are inefficient. This allows you to reduce the energy consumption of pumps in your buildings and systems by up to 90% and profit from added benefits such as future security, supply security and hygiene safety. Optimising or replacing existing systems with new, highly efficient solutions (products, services, know-how) also has a positive impact on operating costs, operational reliability and CO2 emissions.

We offer you targeted consultancy and analysis, including the involvement of subsidies as well as comprehensive support around the changeover to high-efficiency technologies. That is what we call “Pioneering for You”