Troffer LED Conversion Kits


Troffer LED Conversion Kits


Simple plug & play magnetic strips designed for fast conversion of fluorescent troffers to LED, Troffer LED Conversion Kits
Dependable driver and LED strips that exceed the performance of LED tubes; more efficient, better maintenance, fewer failure points; all while keeping the existing fixture. Designed with quick connections and the easiest application in the industry.

​Convert a standard 132 Watt 2×4 fluorescent 4-tube troffer to two 32 Watts in under five minutes without exposure to infrastructure changes.

​The driver offers 0-10V dimming and a variety of wattages to meet any application.

​Hospitals, offices, schools, commercial troffers are all great candidates for a simple upgrade to LED.

Why LED Strips versus Tubes, benefits of Troffer LED Conversion Kits

Fluorescent tubes were designed for safety managing a mercury-vapor gas discharge. The floating glass tube-powered through faulty tombstones is a poor design for LED management. LED strips are applied directly to the metal surface and powered from an external driver
is the best practice approach for converting linear applications to LED and limiting points of failure

Product Highlights

  • >135 Lumens per Watt Delivered through the troffer
  • DLC Premium
  • < 10-minute installation (magnetic strips, driver, and quick connects)
  • High-quality metal-encased driver
  • 83+ CRI for interior clarity
  • Overpopulated, underpowered LEDs
  • 2×2 and 2×4 applications with ceiling height from 8 feet to 16 feet
  • 0-10V Dimmable Driver
  • Optional Snap-On Diffuser
  • Full Color Range with <5.0% variance
  • Utilizes large metal troffer as the heat sync
  • Spacious, metal-framed driver for airflow and heat dissipation
  • Silicon coatings of key driver components
  • Overpopulated and underdriven LEDs