Smart Connected Building


Connect your Plumbing to the Internet to better manage your Facility.

Faucets, Flush Valves, Backflow Preventers, Grease Interceptors, Floor Drains, Roof Drains, and Restroom Occupancy Sensors are all connected to the internet.  Equals better facility management and Smart Connected Buildings

How Smart Connected Building Works

Zurn Connected Products are equipped with advanced sensors that detect changes and track product performance. The data is transmitted wirelessly via the built-in LoRa radio system to the Zurn Gateway located nearby.

The Zurn Gateway then sends the data to the Zurn Cloud for analysis via an Ethernet connection to the local area network (LAN). If a local Ethernet connection is not an option, the gateway can be set up to communicate directly with the Zurn Cloud via LTE cellular. Algorithms in the Zurn Cloud analyze the data – all displayed on our secure portal, plumbSMART, and delivered via email or text alert.

Each Zurn Connected Product comes with default alert parameters, which can be customized in plumbSMART based on the specific needs of your building and maintenance protocols.

Depending on the functionality of the equipment, some Zurn Connected Products can sense when to act in order to protect your building. Again, these parameters can be set through your plumbSMART account to accommodate your operation.

From manual to Smart Connected Building

The Zurn Gateway functions similar to an Internet modem by syncing your plumbing products to the secure Zurn Cloud. This allows your Zurn Connected Products to talk to you and your staff in real-time via the portal, email, and text.

One gateway can handle several hundred Zurn Connected Products within a 1,000-foot spherical radius, which means you’ll never overwhelm the system.

If your facility utilizes a local area network (LAN) to connect to the internet, you can simply connect the Zurn Gateway to a network port using an Ethernet cable.

If you’re opting for LTE Cellular, we recommend placing the gateway in an optimal location for receiving a strong and reliable LTE cellular signal. Your Zurn representative should be able to assist you throughout this process.

Visibility for Predictability

Let your equipment do the monitoring for you and your maintenance staff. Log in to the secure portal, plumbSMART™, to access data on your Zurn Connected Products from your desktop or mobile device. The cloud-based system delivers a virtual, centralized, platform for managing your connected plumbing ecosystem — no need to use the software in multiple locations. You’ll be able to scale the system as your enterprise grows and evolves and keep up with real-time insights for preventative maintenance.

  • Access plumbSMART 24/7 from any location
  • View the Zurn Connected Products across your enterprise through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Receive real-time notifications via email or text
  • Customize alerts around your operation and set parameters
  • Grant access to both internal team members, as well as external service providers
  • Set permission levels and manage user access privileges by location and product type

Respond Faster with Instant Data

From a high-level snapshot to deep dive, manage your building’s plumbing products around your operation and around your terms. You can focus your attention on the highest priority or assign your team members to specific areas and products in your building. You can even analyze trends to plan ahead. Each product page delivers real-time data that can be sorted your way.

  • Get a snapshot of your enterprise summary
  • Drag and drop products to update
  • Predefine data parameters and set performance metrics
  • Filter by product type, room, severity,
  • Analyze data through history, charts, recent alerts,
  • Generate reports for your team
  • Find product resources all in one place