ECM technology is trending the current pump market leading the way for tremendous energy savings. Increased enviromental and energy consumption awareness is Wilo’s first and foremost goal. Impacting the ever growing need to reduce costs and realize true savings Wilo is steadily changing the market.
The smart pumps have onboard VFDs to automatically set flow rate. Consistantly modulating pump speed and flow, maintaining itself on it’s pump curve.  They are driven by ECM’s, electronically commutated motors. Instantly reducing energy by up to 50%. 
Real pumping energy savings of up to 88% in many applications across the marketplace are common. ROI, return on investment, is the game changer with eight months to three years in most applications. This drastic number is due to 85% of all pumps in use today are oversized. 
Variable-speed smart pumps reduces the water flow and offers a 70-90% energy savings. Past pump technology instilled the old addage of constant speed pumping water with all zones open, thus pumping more water than necessary when some zone valves are closed and reducing heat-transfer performance. With variable-speed pumps and using the analogy of the train, we slow the train, flow, to allow the BTUs to get off the train, making the system more efficient. This analogy works especially well with condensing boilers while trying to maintain the optimal delta-T of 30 degrees F.
Wilo pumps recognize the changes in the systems requirements and independently reduces or increases flow to meet demand by the heating/cooling system. The pumps automatically compensate for flow changes in the system operations. Added benefits are an increase in pump and valve life. By slowing the flow it reduces pressure and insures longer life. Impellars are no longer pressured with unnecessary psi. Additionally Wilo ECM pumps are maintenance free. Water cooled and lubricated, there’s no need for stocking repair parts. These intelligent pumps also retain 365 days of data. Which can be downloaded using an IR stick, so on any given day you know what is happening with your system.