LED Lighting LED Lamps


We have been in the LED lighting market for some time now. When I first went to Lightfair in New York City over 12 years ago and paid $17 for one egg, toast and coffee at a Howard Johnson’s, I knew LED would be the way to go. Many at the show were pushing T-5 and even T-2 fluorescent tubes as the wave of the future I knew it was LED’s.

I went back to my office in Manassas, Virginia and tried to sell LED’s but it was too early and I met with much resistance. Now the market has caught up and the technology has greatly improved in fact it seems every month a new and better version of the LED lamp is coming out.

I have hired a professional to handle the LED side of the business. The technology was changing so fast I could not keep up. So please contact John Foster, johnj@completefacitilitiessupply.com or 703-392-9922 to learn about the latest in LED lighting and LED lamps

John is here to help make sure you get the best product for the best price. I feel that in many cases John offers products whose quality and price can not be matched else where. I am sometimes shocked by the amount of knowledge that John has on LED Lighting technology.

We would love to send John to your building to do an unofficial audit of your lighting and he will tell you how much money you will save in electricity, labor and reduced service calls.

We have companies that assemble LED Lighting in the USA and we deal directly with many manufacturer’s overseas. In fact, I just got back from China after inspecting some LED Lighting factories over there. Maybe next time I can convince John to go over, if only they made LED Lighting in the Bahama’s or Sweden.