Just Posted an updated page about different types of Ice Melt and Ice melting salt Please go Here to read about all the research that has been done.

Ice Melting Salt Ice Melt

Ice Melt Ice Melter Salt

We are located in Manassas Va. We normally stock Ice melt in 50lb plastic bags. This article will highlight different types of Ice and Snow melt, such as Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA). Contact us if you would like a more detailed discussion.

I have included some PDF files if you would like to read up on the different kinds of Ice Melt chemicals and their advantages and disadvantages.

Different Types of Ice Melt “copied and pasted from Turf iNfo for the North Central US, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, see reference below”

Quick overview

“Our study observed that magnesium in any form was very damaging to the concrete. Magnesium chloride produced significant concrete crumbling because of widespread replacement of CSH by non-cementitious.”
“When calcium chloride and salt are combined, they complement each other as
snow and ice control chemicals. When combined, the deliquescent calcium chloride
absorbs moisture from its surroundings releasing heat and thereby increasing the rate of
solution of sodium chloride. These reactions produce brine quickly which sustains the
continued brine generation of the two chemicals.”