LED HP retrofit lamps: 

LED High Powered Lamp

LED High Powered Lamp

High Powered LED Lamps are a more eco-friendly alternative to high power incandescent, metal halide, or other large and medium base lamps.These lamps have been designed to directly replace existing HID lamps with significantly reduced wattage and longer life. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED high power lamps require no warm up time, are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy. LED high power lamps are available in an variety of colors, sizes. and wattages. Using the latest LED technology and configured to screw into existing fixtures, LED High Output Screw-Based Lamps are easily installed and require no maintenance for up to 11 years at 12 hours of operation per day.
LED Lighting Costs: 

LED Study

When considering a new technology, cost is naturally the main topic of interest. Not only should one consider up-front costs, but also the accumulative operational costs associated with powering a lighting system. It is very important for business owners to understand that investing in LED lighting does not result in immediate savings, but does promote significant savings over time. A specific metal halide bulb, commonly used in gas station canopy lighting, dissipates 400 watts of total power. A custom LED product designed to substitute this metal halide, dissipates an amazing 150 watts of total power. Over an extended period, it is obvious how the 150 watt LED product will result in dramatic energy savings.
Safety in Color: 

Compared LED to HPS

Better color than traditional lighting” in most ads usually means white light as opposed to the yellowish glow of high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting often used in parking lots. HPS makes locating your parked car difficult as well as identifying people by color of clothing, as everything appears in shades of gray and may be perceived as dingy. This can affect people’s perceptions of safety, and the ability to provide accurate descriptions to police if a reportable incident takes place.